Udemy – Photoshop CC: Retouching in no time with Actions! [100% off]

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Photoshop CC: Retouching in no time with Actions!

Course Description

Every Image is different, and every image has to be treat with individual respect. And with good techniques, You can achieve great results for every your image.

In this course I developed great retouching workflow that allows you to get from your images what’s best, and make your clients truly impressed. The main mistake that most of the people does, is destroying the skin texture. In this course You will learn how to preserve skin texture without spending countless amount of time on it. And all of this will be possible because of the action I will deliver in this course.

Except retouching the skin, You will learn how to make images more dynamic, and finish up your images with color grading.

Retouching in no Time is the key to get the amazing look without spending hours on Your retouching.


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