Udemy – Off grid solar and decentralized electrification [100% off]

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Course Description

At the end of this course, learners will be able to create a range of photovoltaic products for off-grid applications and determine the key points of the most suitable business model to sell their off grid solar products.

The course “off grid solar and decentralized electrification” is built around five sections. Section 1 describes decentralized electrification and discuss why it is emerging as the solution to fill the gap left in the socioeconomic development of the populations lacking access to electricity.

Then, moving to section 2; a list of decentralized solutions will be drawn up and the conditions for the implementation of each of them will be discussed.

Section 3, the next step of the course covers the classification of off grid solar power products and discusses the strengths and weaknesses of PV systems.

The course continues in section 4 by discussing the conditions required for an effective off grid solar power solution and will end in section 5 by describing the minimum requirements to sell your off grid solar power products.

The course “off grid solar and decentralized electrification” is the ideal starting point for who wants to explore off grid solar energy and build balanced business and technical skills.


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