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Course Description

If you have used Access but wonder what the best way is to setup Access on a network, this course is for you! Every step starting from a single database to a complete front end/back end network environment is shown in detail. I have spent many years working with businesses with multi-user networks and these are the methods I have developed to help me get the most done in a minimum of time! Why suffer through network headaches? I will show you how to avoid them completely!

Although knowledge of VBA is not required, this course shows you how to create several programs in VBA. You don’t need to understand VBA to just follow along and create the subroutines and functions for the course. Plus databases with finished VBA programs are provided for download.

Most of the employees in my client businesses have small networks staffed with people who know nothing about Access and the ribbon and navigator are always hidden, yet these people usually get more work done faster than experienced Access users! Right now there is a huge and growing need for people who can setup shared database networks like these and there just aren’t enough people who know how to do it right.

None of this is theory and you won’t find these techniques in any book. The content of this course is a breakdown of the methods I successfully use to administer dozens of networks for my client businesses. I learned a long time ago that you have to automate every routine job that you can, but also you must eliminate downtime for your client and yourself by making silly mistakes. These methods of creating and maintaining small, shared folder networks remove many of the potential pitfalls and the wasted time taken up by periodically updating the network database.

Take a look at the demo video and watch as I update a network with a modified database in under 30 seconds!

Follow along as I take you step by step through the creation of a network database and tools that let you update it easily. This course will show you :

  1. Why a front end/back end arrangement is best for network usage.
  2. How to split a database into front and back ends.
  3. How to link the front end to the back end..
  4. How to create a test so that the front end will know when an update has been added.
  5. How to force the network users to do the database update themselves with a couple mouse clicks, so you don’t have to update each computer.
  6. How to create a work environment on your local machine, but then update the network easily.
  7. How to remove the menus and ribbons and secure your database.
  8. How to create a “back door” that lets you work on the database from any network computer and easily do updates.
  9. How to implement your changes on the network in seconds, with no worries that you forgot to do anything.

If you take the time to learn these techniques you will save MANY HOURS of time and not have problems caused by improper updating of your network!

If you want to become the Network Database Guru, click the Take This Course button to get started on this journey to increased productivity and higher value for you in the marketplace. Think of it! In just a few HOURS you know more about implementing and updating Access on a network than almost everyone else!


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