Udemy – Mastering the art of composition in photography [100% off]

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Course Description

Improve your photography, not your camera…it’s both rewarding and cheap!

If you want to improve your photography then you need to improve your composition.

Photography is composition, and your camera is just a tool. A camera alone cannot make a great photo. Only your compositional skills and imagination can do that.

You already have imagination, creativity and talent, even if you don’t fully realise it yet. What you need in order to translate all of those qualities into a photograph, is compositional skill.

Concentrating on my own personal approach to photography and composition, this course will teach you how to turn what you see in your minds eye into a photograph that turns heads and draws the viewer in.

Composition isn’t just about the dry technical stuff. It’s about your emotional engagement with your surroundings and having moments of inspiration.

It’s about the process of translating that moment of inspiration into a photograph that makes people who have never met you or have never been to that location want to look and linger and wonder at the photograph that you created.

What I do in this course is to communicate an organic and natural learning process, similar to my own self taught learning process but with reference to the standard rules of composition, which helps to provide a structure for the course.

I am still acutely aware of the compositional mistakes I made when starting out, so I factor that knowledge into the tuition you will receive in this course, which will help you to accelerate your own learning.

I will teach you how to spot a composition, and then what to do to make sure that what you see in your minds eye is what we end up seeing when we view your images.


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