Udemy – Making Money Teaching Online — Get Your First Academic Job! [100% off]

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Course Description

How to Make Essential Monthly Income Teaching Online!

SPECIAL REPORT: Landing Your First Online University Adjunct Instructor Job …

Are you struggling to pay the bills? Are you working in a different job than what your graduate degree trained you for? Do you have a solid graduate degree gathering dust? Do you have a trustworthymastermind team with another family member(s)?

There are hundreds of online universities desperately seeking your services!

I am Dr. Scott Brown. I have three decades of experience as both an adjunct instructor and tenure track professor.

Check out my Udemy profile. I very likely have more academic experience inside the higher educationivory tower system than anybody you know.

In this course you will receive a planned process for getting and keeping jobs as an adjunct online university instructor. Expect to make about $2,000 per course you teach over an 8 to 10-week period.

  • After thousands of years of teachers and students sitting in the same room talking, something else is here …-Nathan Faries, Adjunct English Professor

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Every month that passes is time wasted in your career development as an online university adjunct instructor.

This course comes with a 30 day no questions asked guarantee fulfilled by Udemy as third party.

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