Udemy – Linux Security Fundamentals [100% off]

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Course Description

Are you interested in learning more about Linux Security? Then this is course for you! This course will teach you how to better secure a Linux system as well as understand how various Linux security controls work to increase security and meet compliance with various regulations. You will learn fundamentals of security such as users, permissions as well as more advanced topics like Selinux, auditing and PAM. You will also learn how to set up various services such as Rsyslog.

This course is a mix of lecture and demos to help you understand the concepts. To succeed in this course you should have a basic understanding of Linux System administration to include things like setting up networking, editing files and basic file management. This course focuses on Centos and Red Hat Linux, but some of the concepts would apply to other distributions as well. I would recommend you have access to a Centos or Red Hat system so you can follow along with some of the demos. Access can be provided by Amazon AWS and you can use the free tier if desired.

I am not affiliated in any way with either Red Hat or Centos.


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