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Limitless: How Nootropics Can Enhance Your Brain Function

Course Description

Limitless: How Nootropics Can Enhance Your Brain Function

  • Imagine living in a state where you experience limitless energy throughout the day,
  • Imagine possessing laser sharp focus and the ability to concentrate at will,
  • Imagine experiencing twice the productivity in half the time,
  • Imagine remaining ten steps ahead of everyone else and your decision-making is instant, clear, and free of doubt or second-guessing,
  • Imagine a state where creativity expands allowing you to see things from a limitless perspective

Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not.

You’ve probably seen or at least heard of the movie Limitless. It’s not just a movie…it’s a real possibility. You can expand your potential infinitely and essentially become limitless. And I’ll show you how. In this course, you will learn about Nootropics–supplements, functional foods and drugs that can enhance your brain function in ways that you cannot even imagine. Join me to explore this exciting world of nootropics where you will discovers ways to optimize your brain’s performance, expand your capacity to focus, increase your creativity and create an epic, supercharged life!


“Not wired, wasn’t high, just clear. I knew what I needed to do and how to do it.” – Eddie Morra, from the movie “Limitless”

Who wouldn’t want this? Clarity of thought, clear direction and, laser focus, flawless memory, pre- cognition and reasoning without cognitive dissonance.

Most of us have used, or currently use, supplements to enhance or manipulate brain performance; caffeine, energy drinks, fish oil, green tea, melatonin, and L-theanine to name a few. We explore ways to help the brain become smarter, acquire more focus, enhance cognition and experience flawless decision-making. The brain is an enigmatic masterpiece of nature’s creation. It starts working even before we draw our first breath and has a staggering capacity that is still yet to be fully realized.

What if you could “bend” the brain and take advantage of, or expand its current capacity? What if you could go far beyond what the average human is currently capable of from a cognitive perspective? Sounds like something from the science fiction realm but it’s not, it is currently being achieved by utilizing substances referred to as nootropics.

The word nootropic means to bend the mind (nous = mind, trepein = to bend). In scientific terms, nootropics are drugs that protect and boost functions of the brain such as learning, memory and cognition through the enhancement or suppression of existing processes. Put simply, nootropics are chemicals, supplements, or herbs that change the way the brain works. They improve function by increasing energy production and blood flow, altering neurotransmitter levels and even make structural modifications to the brain hardware.

Nootropics is what this course is all about. You will learn:

  • The benefits, side effects, dosage and properties of over 25 nootropics
  • Specific adaptogenic uses of certain nootropics
  • How nootropics can improve the working efficacy of different parts of the brain by improving the blood supply or neurotransmitter mix in those areas
  • How to improve how different brain areas inter-link to enhance learning
  • Which nootropics possess neuroplasticity and neuroprotective functions, boosting NGF (nerve-growth factor) and BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor), which aid in healing and slowing the degenerative aging of neurons
  • What racetams are and how they work
  • Which racetams have a greater affect on focus, memory, and concentration, while others will have a greater affect on mood and anxiety
  • Which racetams enhance the senses to boost visual, sound, or other sensory qualities
  • About target areas in the brain and their communication pathways
  • How to stack nootropics for better results
  • About herbal nootropics and which ones to stack for specific results

The concept of enhancing the brain is nothing new; it has been a common theme across many cultures for centuries. The ancient Chinese used herbal compounds such as ginkgo biloba, ginseng, and gotu kola to enhance mental focus and learning. The Indian culture also focused on cognitive enhancement in Ayurvedic medicine through the use of Medhya Rasayanas. Medha means intellect or retention andRasayana means therapeutic treatment/preparation. These medicinal preparations were used to boost or enhance memory, intellect, health, and longevity. Even the U.S. military were using something called “go” pills (adrafinil and modafinil) since WWII.

Now you will have access to the exciting possibilities that nootropics can offer. Please keep in mind, this course is more than a quick overview of these substances. Rather I offer in-depth and comprehensive information that allows you to make intelligent choices for your health and well-being.

Remember that this course is for all levels of knowledge regarding this special topic. I put this course together to help people better understand nootropics. This course is designed for all levels of knowledge of this topic. If you are a biohacker, or just a person who is interested in enhancing your abilities with being more creative, or to be more focused, this is the course for you.

I will take you through those processes to help you better understand the world of nootropics. You are also going to find some in-depth stuff on brain neurotransmitters and some neurochemistry. This course will satisfy those biohackers out there who are interested in knowing the actual science behind all of this, but you don’t necessarily have to have a science background to understand the boots on the ground stuff that we are going to talk about in this course.


While they are available and marketed in the U.S. as supplements, food products, or even as research chemicals, “for research purposes only.” Many are considered prescription medications in some countries and are banned in others. This makes it important to have an understanding of what you are trying to achieve and how the nootropics might affect your brains’ function. It is not advisable to take a haphazard approach and think that because you can buy them on the Internet, that they are safe. I highly recommend that you speak with a knowledgeable physician before trying these out. This course is for purely educational purposes and is not in any way intended to be a substitute for medical advice.


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