Udemy – Learn 3D Modelling & Rigging [100% off]

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Course Description

Interested in 3D modelling? Maybe some simple rigging, then join me on this beginner level modelling course as we create a simple paint rig.

We start by creating a basic shape and by using an array and curve modifier we quickly form our tracks.

We add some drivers to control the rotation and movement of these tracks.

Next we begin modelling the body of the rig.

We model stabilizers that can be rotated and placed on the ground.

We mirror objects to speed up the modelling process.

We set origin points for our objects so we can rotate them around that point.

We add a simple armature to control the movement of the boom and stabilizers.

Next we parent these objects to the bones and add drivers to control their movements.

Finally we create a simple short animation to demonstrate the rig in motion.

So jump on into this modelling course and discover just how easy it is to pick up Blender.


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