Udemy – Intro to SoundForge Pro 11 [100% off]

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Intro to SoundForge Pro 11

Course Description

Sound Forge Pro 11 is one of Sony’s most advanced sound editing suites and software. It is used for high end sound manipulation and sound editing. This tool can be fairly difficult to get used to its features and functionality which is why I want to create an introductory course to let you know the basics and nothing more. After this course, you should be familiar with the functionality of Sound Forge and being able to get started in a career for sound editing or manipulation. This tool is especially used a lot with audacity or other tools in the industry and can come in handy as a valuable skill set, even for graphics designers. This course is meant for beginners and is structured in short high quality HD videos to get you introduced to all you should know about the software in less then an hour. You will be introduced to basic terminology and the interface of the software as well and can use what you learned to practice or learn further on your own.


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