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Course Description

UPDATE 17th of March 2016: Brand New Course For Authors, Instructors, Product Launchers And Creators!

My Udemy courses have been taken over 13,650 times by over 6,000 students from over 130 countries!

COURSE LAUNCH: March 2016! Brand New Content!

Have you ever been frustrated because you have awesome products, courses, training and books, but nobody even knows that they exist?

Does it irritate you that everyone else has an army of affiliates, but nobody ever promotes your stuff?

Have you ever banged your head against the wall, because your products just aren’t selling?

Maybe You’ve Tried To Recruit Affiliates Before… But You Felt Embarrassed Or Sleazy?

You probably realize by now that getting people to promote your stuff isn’t as easy as the gurus say it is.

Maybe you’ve spammed on Facebook, and just felt like you were pulling out your own hair, and you felt like you deserved better?

If That’s The Case, You’re Going To Love What I Have For You!

I know how hard it is to get people to promote your stuff, and I know how embarrassing it is spamming on Facebook trying to recruit affiliates.

That’s why you’re going to love this. You’re going to discover the secret to asking almost ANYONE to promote your products in a super cool way.

In fact, the way you’ll be asking is super under-the-radar.

You won’t be begging or pleading. In fact, even if people ignore you, or turn you down, you won’t be annoying them or making a fool out of yourself.

And your reputation won’t be any worse for wear. Even if everyone turns you down, you’ll be introducing yourself and possibly building relationships. So, even if this method totally fails, it doesn’t cost a penny, and you still might benefit tremendously.

When You Ask People In The Way You’re About To Discover – They’ll Actually Smile!

Sound far-fetched?

Well, ask yourself this one question.

What would you do if the next time you tried to recruit affiliates, instead of feeling embarrassed, it was actually fun, because you were being totally cool?

Would you be more confident or less confident? That’s why you might love this course.

How Much Is This Course Worth?

Well, how much is it worth to your business as a product vendor, launcher, instructor or teacher, if you could finally prospect for affiliates without being ashamed or feeling like a charlatan?

Would it feel good if you could ask anyone to promote your content, without feeling small and desperate?

If it would feel good, then I think you’re getting this course for a pittance of its true value.

If any of this makes sense, then I’ll see you in the next lecture.


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