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Course Description

Research says that given a randomly selected course, only 15 to 16 per cent people go through it completely. The other 84 to 85 per cent leave the course midway due to monotony, frustration or being preoccupied with something else. We challenge you to finish this entire course, and in return, we promise that you will discover some unbelievable powers of your brain. In fact, some of the promises that we are going to make here might sound too good to be true.However, by the end of this course, you will be able to accomplish everything that we have promised.

I will now give you 20 words. My promise to you is that you will be able to remember all the 20 words in less than two minutes!

Moreover, you will be able to remember them in the exact order in which they appear.

I have randomly selected the words and they bear absolutely no relation to each other.
Here is the list:

Doctor Aeroplane Orange juice Australia Kite

Swimming pool Octopus Diamond Blood Cello tape

Camera Newspaper President Helicopter Mountain

Parachute Desert iPhone Mercedes Flowers .

Read the list once again, all the way from “Doctor” to “Flowers” and try to familiarize yourself with the words. Next, try your own method to remember all the 20 words.


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