Udemy – Get Smarter & Double your BrainPower: 5 Steps to Remembering [97% off] Worth $299!

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Get Smarter & Double your BrainPower: 5 Steps to Remembering

Course Description


Learn the fundamentals of memory – why we remember and why we forget. In this course, you will learn:

  • -How to improve your memory
  • -Tips for increasing recollection and concentration
  • -Memorization techniques
  • -How to study and retain information faster

Materials: Each video lesson includes a quiz to test your understanding and a helpful download with instructions for before, during, and after you watch the lesson.

Structure: The lectures are structured as a conversation between the expert and the student, where they freely interact and discuss important concepts. At the end of each lecture is a quiz. Users can repeat sections, or skip through once complete to revisit topics.

Why take this Course: The memorization process is poorly understood by many people, and many people struggle with the ability to truly understand, retain, and recollect information. Once you understand the science behind creating strong memories, you will be able to recreate that process again and again.

What are the Requirements?

  • -19 Lectures with Supplementary Content
  • -2 Hours of Lessons
  • -Exercises for Memorization
  • -Strategies for Retaining Knowledge
  • -Tools for Exam Preparation and Study Tips
  • -Entrepreneurs, students, or professionals preparing for certifications.


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