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Course Description

Statistics may vary slightly from place to place, however across the board they tend to agree on one specific reality: at least 70 to 90% of business startups fail within the first nine years of their existence.

That is simply alarming, considering all the programs and funding available to promote and support entrepreneurship.

If you go to any business school or attend a course on entrepreneurship, you will be told that the first step to turn your idea into a business venture is to: write a business plan.

Despite the fact that this widely spread and quasi-unanimous conventional wisdom has been challenged over and over by grim statistics, the fallacy has prevailed and is still being passed on from generation to generation.

Now, before you misunderstand the point, please keep in mind that planning is extremely important as a discipline in order to succeed in any undertaking.

However, when it comes to entrepreneurship, the key questions that have been neglected or simply omitted are:

Where do you start?

What do you plan first, in order to give yourself a fighting chance to succeed and become part of the 10 to 20% of business ventures that do make it?

In Entrepreneurship: The Secret to Start the Right Way, you will discover:

• 5 mistakes that most new entrepreneurs make, so you can avoid them;

• 7 things that most successful entrepreneurs know or understand, so you can learn to emulate them and ensure your own success;

• A street-smart 3-phase strategy to take into account in your planning process;

• 12 steps to consider in your entrepreneurial journey.

Unlike most programs out there, this course has been designed and prepared by an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs, based on real entrepreneurial life experiences of successful entrepreneurs.

This program is intended for entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, business owners as well as professionals, authors, coaches, experts, consultants who want either launch a new business venture or transform an existing venture into the next success story.

A note of warning: this is not a training course about how to write better business plans, neither does it share specifics.

What you will get from this program is mainly proven principles that you can apply to your own specific case.

As such we cannot and do not guarantee the results that you will get by taking this course: that depends totally on your ability to apply what you would have learned.

What we can guarantee is that the principles you are going to learn in this program are proven and tested: they work when you consistently work them.


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