Udemy – DIFFERENT Book Cover Design That Sells More: How to create [100% off]

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Course Description

This is not just a book cover design course.

There is something that will result in a lot more interest and sales. I call it DIFFERENCE. I discovered this when I saw a certain cocktail drink.

I am Ian Stables, author of more than fifty Kindle books. I’m going to show you how to design your own book covers. They will look professional, eye-catching, and have the DIFFERENCE element.

You will be using a free online program that I’ve used for a long time. It’s not Gimp or Photoshop.

It took me a while to discover all the tricks that you’ll quickly learn in this course.

This is what you’ll learn…

– You will first learn what your cover must have to get the most sales.

– Next, you learn how to use the different design tools.

– Then, I’ll teach you the tricks and special effects I have discovered. These will give you some great ideas for your own covers.

– Finally, I’ll walk you through a few cover creations from start to finish. This will give you even more techniques and ideas. It will also show you how to use all the tools together.

Don’t just have a book cover like everyone else.

Enroll now and learn to create professional covers that have the DIFFERENCE.


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