Udemy – Create IOS Applications Using Parse and Swift [90% off] Worth $99!

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Course Description

Want to take your Application to the next level?

Want to improve your current project ?

Want to add Online Database to your Application?

Want to write the code to send and receive Remote Push Notifications?

Want to add In-App Purchases the easiest way?

Thinking in the future to create an amazing application that will contain any of these?

If YES then this course is for you!

What’s the course about and how is it structured?

In this course we will learn how to Create a Parse application and connect it to our IOS Application using IOS 8, Xcode 6 and Swift with a step by step approach.

We explain what you need in order to create online databases, users, remote push notifications, in-app purchases and more.

The course covers :

Creation of our Parse account.

Download of Parse SDK’s

Connect Parse application with our IOS application

Save – Update – Delete PFObjects

Retreive PFObjects using ID

Create Queries to search Classes

Create Predicates to use constraints to our search

Create advanced Queries

Caching data if no active Internet connection

Understant fetching in background

User creation

Login and logout a user

Reset a forgotten password

Setup and use Remote Push Notifications

Pass and read data in a Remote Push Notification

Setup In-App Purcahses

Write the code to use an In-App Purchases

Tips and tricks fro the best User Experience

Example applications


The course consists of :

4 hours + video lectures with code from scratch

application files for download

This course can be completed in a couple of days.

Why to follow this course?

If you want to add online databases, add users to your application, add remote push notifications, create in-app purchases the easiest way this course is for you!

Using Parse to your project will take your application to the next level.

Who can follow this course ?

Anyone with basic knowledge of programming can follow this course.

This course is updated for Swift 1.2 and Parse 1.7.5 and under development for Swift 2.0 and Parse 1.8.2


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