Udemy – Create an Android Game Without an Engine in Android Studio [100% off]

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Course Description

Create an Android game using Android Studio and without utilizing any game engine.

In this course we will be making our game WITHOUT the use of a game engine. While game engines like Unity, Game Maker Studio, and Unreal certainly do make things simpler they compromise on app size and there are several other limitations as well.

When you develop a game without using a game engine you have zero limitations. You have full control over every aspect of your game. The end result of this game would be a Brick Breaker game.

Prerequisites for this course

You must possess basic knowledge of object oriented programming before starting this course and you must have Android Studio installed in your computer.

Ever wondered how all those amazing games like Angry Birds or Flappy Bird are made?

Do you want your game to be the next Google Play sensation? Get started with this course to learn how these games our built and start making your own.



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