Udemy – Computer Network: IT Networking Fundamentals 2016 [100% off]

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Course Description

This Network Fundamental Course is a comprehensive training course that brings topics to life through the use of demonstrations, animations, and configurations, making learning these fundamental networking topics easy and fun.

Instructor, Gregory, walks you through the full range of topics including protocol reference models; network devices, topologies, and services; WAN technologies; network cables and connectors; network design; Local Area Network technologies; network addressing and routing; unified communication; visualization; network security; and network maintenance.

The videos contained in this course provide you more than 3 hours of instruction. Modules are divided into easy to digest lessons and conclude with summaries and interactive module and quizzes to help assess your knowledge.

Module 1 and 10  is preceded by an introduction by Joey Perez West, a Model Spokesperson and member of Producers and Screen Actors Guild.

Module 2 is preceded by an introduction by Melissa, also known as ‘Modelgirl5er’, a Model spokesperson and online entrepreneur specializing in Freelance Marketing service through microeconomics forums online.

Module 3 and 4 are preceded by an introduction by  Brian, an MBA graduate and Director of Marketing in the United States; specializing in Public Relations.

Designed to take you inside Basic Networking concepts in a unique and interactive way, This course is guaranteed to help you master the fundamental networking topics that will help you succeed.


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