Udemy – Build Modern Websites In 1 Hour! Make Money [100% off]

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Course Description

This course is designed to educate and transform you into a fast and flexible freelance web developer. When it comes to freelance web development time is everything. The faster you finish your project, the faster you can work on different projects, thus enabling you to make more profit. You will work on the real world project that will greatly help you on your future projects and career.
You will work with HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap framework. Also learn about FTP, website hosting and domain. When it comes to developing websites it is absolutely crucial to know these above mentioned skills.
You will see how easy it is to program in HTML and style the website with CSS.
Bootstrap is clearly the world’s most admired mobile ready web development framework for HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It is free and open-source. This is what makes it possible for developers to build websites that are modern and user friendly in a very short period of time. With dynamic website functionalities.
Bootstrap is important to learn due to the advancements of mobile technology. Mobile friendly websites are a must in today’s society.
Course video material covers building navigation menu, the featured website layout, image carousel, gallery that can also function as your portfolio using the tab system. You will build php contact form, collapsible menu, work with ftp, hosting website for free and getting a domain.
While it is possible to finish this course in 1 hour and 30 minutes, you can follow the lectures on your own phase. Course is structured in an easy to follow manner.
Why should you take this course?
To learn something new or improve your skills and reduce the time you spend coding the websites. After completing this course you will code websites in less than 1 hour.


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