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Course Description

Welcome to the course on “Aspects of Computer Science”

As we know computer science is the study of computing, programming, and computation in correspondence with computer systems. This field of study utilizes theories on how computers work to design, test, and analyze concepts. Computer science usually has a stronger mathematical foundation than a scientific one. Computer science resonates as being vital for any industry to succeed in this day and age.

You will gain the knowledge that you need for academic and professional development and to learn that how computer science is playing important role in our professional and educational life.

At the end of this course, I hope that you will have the material to meet your educational goals.

I also hope that this course will enhance your appreciation to the study of computer systems and aspects in our world.

Pictures are attached to explore the aspects briefly. Tables of symbols and actions with  short keys are also inserted in lectures.

Course is subdivided into several parts like lectures to explain the aspects completely.

After studying this course students will  be able to understand the important things of Computer Science in detail. Students will also get material to enhance their knowledge in Computer Science.

So! We will cover

  • How to solve simple & complex problems by applying Problem Solving method
  • Identification of errors
  • Basic understanding of GW-BASIC language and commands
  • Beginners programming
  • Control structures with statements 
  • Loops with types
  • Arrays with types
  • Constants with types
  • Transfer of control to other parts
  • Important Built-in-functions and their use
  • Using Graphics in BASIC and drawing simple shapes
  • Sub-Program and File Handling in BASIC
  • MS Word with various important features.
  • Automatic features of MS Word
  • Shortcut keys to perform important tasks shortly etc etc


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