Udemy – App Name Mastery; #1 Key For App Store Optimization Success [100% off]

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Course Description

In this course you will completely learn the full details on how you will be able to master the technique in choosing an app’s name. An app’s name that would stands out from the crowd and could be easily noticed by the app users in the mobile app store. Also, a great possibility that your app would become to be one of the top 10 app store’s app! Whether you are developing an app for androids or an app for ios, everything inside this course is applicable for you!

What you are going to get from this course?

  1. Over 18 lectures and 1.5 hours of content!
  2. Common features of the best app name that gets high app ranking.
  3. Proven successful principles in naming your app that would improve your app rank.
  4. Learn from the top appreneur on how they name their app, what words they use to get noticed and also get high rankings in the app store.
  5. Things you MUST include in your app name
  6. Things you MUST avoid in your app name
  7. Knowledge about on how you will be able to know the level of demand of a certain app name whether it’s an android app or an ios app.
  8. Real examples, real life case studies samples – shown by app in android or ios.
  9. Highly recommended free and paid tools that would help you in choosing the best name for your app.

After taking this course, you will surely improve the way you choose names for your app and you will see the impact to your app’s brand and app’s number of downloads in app android market or app ios market. These are also the tips that I use personally with my apps and my client’s apps as well.

Your app store rankings would surely be improved if you’ll just follow the tips that we will be giving on this course. You will be owning a number of high ranking apps in the future and as you search the app store, you will be proud of the hard work you have spent because you will be seeing that your app is already one of the app store top apps!

Take this course now and we assure you that this would greatly help you to reach the success of your app and not just that! Your career in app business too!


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