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Abstract Painting Beyond the Brush

Course Description

This course, Abstract Painting – Beyond the Brush, is all about creating poured paintings in multiple translucent layers with thinned out Fluid Acrylic Paints. In video lectures you will be shown step by step every detail of the processes involved, as well as insights into my internal processes while I am creating stunning abstract paintings and demonstrating these techniques.

This is a Course requiring your participation, your hard work and efforts. Because in order to truly complete Abstract Painting – Beyond the Brush, you must not only watch the Demos, and listen to me, but you must also purchase the Supplies, set up your work space, and try the techniques for your self. Once you have created a poured painting in this style you’ll need to upload images of your completed paintings here in the Discussion Area. If you prefer you may provide a link to your website, Facebook Page, Flickr account, Google Plus, Photobucket, or wherever you might have your images parked.

I’m very serious when I say that you must be serious too about wanting to Learn this Style of Painting before you get started because it’s not very easy at all, and it will take a lot of Practice and effort to get really good abstract paintings like the examples shown. I didn’t learn this technique overnight, and neither will you!

Now the results you’ll get will be directly proportional to the effort, patience, and perseverance that you employ. So if you are truly ready, Eager to Learn, and Passionate about Creating Abstract Painting in this unique style then the results you will get, will be absolutely Amazing, and your Friends & Family will be Blown Away! In the end it will be well worth all the hard work, expense, and time that you put into it, That I promise You!


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