Udemy – Coaching Youth Flag Football [100% off]

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Coaching Youth Flag Football

Coaching youth flag football for the first time?  Or maybe you’ve been coaching and are having a hard time?  I designed this course to help new coaches get started.  It offers:

a)  15 plays to run where everyone gets involved, pdf playbook included

b)  defensive strategy

c)  substitutions do’s and don’ts

d)  defensive practice drills

and much more.  I got a lot of questions personally from other coaches asking about all this stuff, so I made this course based upon all the questions they had, like “What plays do you run?” and “Where do position players on defense?” and “None of my plays work, any suggestions?”.


Udemy Coupon Code : https://www.udemy.com/coaching-youth-flag-football/?couponCode=FREEFLAGFOOTBALL



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