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Chess Strategies: How To Make A Game Plan

This course is about chess plans. The course is devoted to how to make a game plan in a certain position. I know it’s very hard to teach what plan to do, because positions are always different. There is no certain algorithm to make a successful plan. Everything depends on the position and concrete weaknesses of your opponent.

Everything is shown by examples. We analyze the games played by famous grandmasters and I explain you their plans such as:

  • How to Fix Pawn Weaknesses in the Endgame
  • Schematic Thinking
  • Attacking in a Closed Position
  • Improving the Position of the Worst Piece
  • Attacking the Pawn Weakness and Weak Square
  • Creation of 2 Weaknesses
  • How to Realize Advantage
  • How to Play an Equal Endgame
  • How to Play Symmetrical Positions
  • How to Use the Activeness of Your Pieces

I designed this course for beginners and club players with FIDE rating from 1200 to 2000. But if you don’t have FIDE rating, this is not a problem and it shouldn’t stop you from taking this course. This course will also help you to improve your positional playing skills.

After finishing this course, you will be able to apply these plans in your own games and I believe it will improve your performance!


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