Udemy – Chemistry Exam: Electron configuration, Mass & Atomic Number [100% off]

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Chemistry Exam: Electron configuration, Mass & Atomic Number

Course Description

Hello There! 😀

In this course you will get skills to successfully solve both simple and more advanced tasks in specifical areas of chemistry: Electron Configuration, Mass Number and Atomic Number. These tasks are the real ones – that you are dealing with daily in college and some of you in advanced high schools. 

In this course there is almost none theory, just real tasks! And the best thing is that you can check your knowledge with quizzes after each lesson!

Do I get some bonuses here?

Yes, you do!

  • you will get Quizzes for self testing your knowledge after each lesson
  • you will get Formulas specially made for this course – that you can use in your class and print it out!
  • two Periodic Tables of Elements (one general – Oxford lab and one special – for Electron configuration determination)
  • you will get an example of Final Exam that includes Electron Configuration, Mass & Atomic Number. And what is the best – you can solve it yourself or we can do it together! Choose what suits you the most.


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