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CAPM® Certification: High Quality Realistic Exam Questions

Course Description

In this course, you will find 2 full legth CAPM® exam questions and 1 practice exam. All of the questions in full length exams are high quality realistic exam questions. After solving all of them, you will be perfectly prepared for CAPM® exam.

Full length exams include 150 questions each just as real exam! Practice exam includes 40 questions.


You may find lots of sources for exam questions. But unfortunately, most of them are designed for PMP exam not for CAPM exam. Yes, CAPM exam’s content is same as PMP exam, but it doesn’t mean that exam questions are similar to each other.

PMP exam is more complicated, and most of the questions are designed so that you make comments on them. For example in the PMP exam you will find lots of questions like: “You are a project manager, ………. , what should you do in this situation” or something like that. But there will be fewer questions like that in CAPM exam.

CAPM exam is more likely to have questions like: “Which process group is it?” or “What do you need for …………” kind of questions. Unlikely to PMP exam questions, they are more straightforward.

What happens if you solve PMP exam questions instead of CAPM exam questions? Well, first of all you will lose your time by trying to solve some complicated questions designed only for PMP exam; I call this questions “PMP type questions.” And second, your morale may get down when trying to solve these kind of questions.

But don’t worry. This is the right place for you! In this course all of the PMP type questions are eliminated. Therefore, you will not lose your time by trying to solve that kind of questions. OK, now let’s look what we have in this course.    

There are 2 full length exams and 1 practice exam in this course. First full length exam includes 150 high quality questions in quiz format. All questions are realistic CAPM exam questions. Please, try to solve all of the questions in 3 hours.

Next full length exam again includes 150 high quality questions. For this exam, you have 2 options: You may either solve it in Quiz format or in Video format. If you feel yourself ready to take the CAPM exam, it is better for you to solve it in Quiz format. But if you feel like you need to study a little bit more, then you may solve it in Video format. Again all of the questions in this exam are realistic CAPM exam questions. Please try to solve all of the questions in 3 hours.

Next exam is not a full length exam but a practice exam. There are 40 questions in Quiz Format. Questions in this exam are designed for reviewing purpose. Most of the questions are “Which of the following is this?” type of questions. By solving these questions, you will be able to fast review your knowledge before taking the CAPM exam. Please try to solve all of the questions in 50 minutes.

Disclaimer: PMI, PMBOK, PMP and CAPM are registered trademarks of Project Management Institute


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