Udemy – Camtasia 9 Quick Start [100% off]

Camtasia 9 Quick Start

Course Description

Get up-to-speed quickly with Camtasia 9 to produce a top-quality online course. Here you’ll learn just the stuff you really need to know to produce an engaging and informative course that your students will appreciate. You’ll learn how to prepare you computers screen resolution, mouse pointer, microphone, and folders to start off on the right foot. You’ll discover the secrets to recording the screen properly to get your course approved on the first pass, and give your students the best possible visual experience.

You’ll learn how to assemble your video, editing out the bad parts and keeping only the good. You’ll discover how to easily add voice-over narration and free-frame video content giving yourself some extra time to explain concepts that need extra explaining. You’ll learn the tricks to adding titles and animated callouts to your presentation to describe, and call attention to, items on your students’ screens.

Finally, you will learn how to produce your finished product for publication on Udemy, YouTube, Facebook, or any other online video publishing service. As an added bonus, you’ll find resources to free video tutorials to reinforce and expand on what you’ve learned here, and well as sources for free public domain background, music tracks, photos, clipart, and videos you can safely use in any online video you ever create. If you want your course to stand out from the crowd for it engaging visuals and rock-solid pedagogy, then this is the course for you.


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