Udemy – Business Development: Explosive Business Growth Strategies [100% OFF]

udemy course - business development

For any organisation to succeed, it is important that the leaders have a clear idea of their company vision and overall mission, as well as a powerful strategy to enable them to get there.

Without a well-developed stategy, businesses will be overcomed by competitors and market forces. Good business development is the key to a successful and thriving business. It focuses on creating long-term sustainable value for the organization, which manifests itself in the form of new markets, new products and new processes.

Business development enables you to conceive, craft, and implement superior business plans.

This course will give you a comprehensive education in business development strategies, helping you to become a global business leader. You’ll learn how to increase your profits by creating strategic partnerships, and making strategic business decisions.

Also, you’ll learn how to design and develop your company’s business development function to skyrocket sales efforts and growth. You’ll discover how to identify potential partners and persuade them to partner with you in a win-win scenario.

You’ll also begin to understand the key elements of a successful partnership and learn how to negotiate to get them. Finally, you’ll discover how to identify the best business development opportunities, and get the most out of every strategic partnership.

What you’ll learn in this course:

·         Business development foundations

·         The lifecycle of a business development relationship

·         The mindset, structure and skillset to win more new business and drive greater commercial returns.

·         Launching a business development function at your company

·         Identify potential leads and plan their approach to business development. 

·         Building collaborative relationships

·         Measuring business development performance

·         Best practice approaches for networking

·         Managing teams and performance

·         Career opportunities

·         Making business development relevant to executives


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