Udemy – Building a Tap Me Game using iOS 10 and Swift 3 [100% off]

Building a Tap Me Game using iOS 10 and Swift 3

Course Description

  • Building iOS 10 Apps has just one GOAL – to make you the best iOS Developer so that you can get you DREAM Job or become a Freelance iOS Developer.

    This course will teach you each and every aspect of iOS development both for iPhones and iPads.

    This course teaches you about Variables and Constants, Conditionals, Functions, Loops, Arrays, Dictionaries, Optionals, Classes and Objects, Closures and many more aspects of Swift Programming Language.

    We will also build a full fledged iOS 10 application called Tap Me. This is actually a tap based game which you can run on your iPhones and iPads. All the graphics are provided to you which are used in the game. The game has a time limit and you have to tap as much as you can within that time limit. We will learn many different aspects of iOS application development while building this application.

    See you Inside the Course!


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