Udemy – Build FREE Landing Pages to Capture Emails & Track Users [100% off]

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Build FREE Landing Pages to Capture Emails & Track Users

Course Description

Have an idea and need a landing page or simple web site?

Unsure where to start, or worried about costs and flexibility?

Maybe you’re just fed up of wrangling with WordPress?

Well, thanks to some amazing web services, you can build and host your own professional landing page, for simply the cost of your domain name. What’s more these landing pages or simple web sites, are more reliable, more flexible and offer greater insights than some of the paid for options.

My name is Ben, and I’ve been building and selling software for the last 22 years. I have built a popular Elixir programming course on Udemy with over 1.9k students, you can see my five star reviews.

Why a course on landing pages?

All the current landing page solutions frustrate me.

WordPress requires a database, which means that I’m going to have to understand it, and maintain it. Also WordPress and all it’s plugins need to be updated otherwise you are vulnerable to attacks. Not to mention the associated costs.

Site builder services like LaunchRock and SquareSpace are inflexible and quickly become costly.

Landing pages are often for testing out ideas, if those ideas fail, you don’t want to have spent too much on them. Yet if those ideas take off you want to gradually build on them and trust that they are reliable and professional.

So I decided to build this course. Landing pages and simple web sites (those that don’t use a database) should have the following criteria:

  • Cheap yet professional
  • Easy to set up and maintain
  • Flexible to accommodate future changes and scenarios
  • Reliable and fast downloading on my customers web browsers
  • Use my custom domain name, and allow me to send and receive emails from my custom domain
  • Capture email addresses using the email platform I choose
  • Track my visitors behaviours, so that I can get insights into how to sell more effectively to them

By following best practices, cherry picking the best services and using my developer knowhow, I have built a course that fulfils these criteria.

I promise, it doesn’t matter whether you’re 16 or 60, absolutely ANYONE will love this course.
You can take away the skills to make your ideas real. The only limit? Your imagination.

Don’t settle for tiresome WordPress sites, save your money from site builders, and learn how to build and host your own landing pages and simple web sites.

AND REMEMBER… if you are unhappy with this course, then I’m unhappy – I offer a full money back guarantee within the first 30 days of purchase.

Go ahead, click the “Take This Course” button. Why not? You’ve got nothing to lose and you can make those ideas real.


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