Udemy – Belter’s Bags, Bands, Bells, and Bodyweight Workouts [100% off]

Belter's Bags, Bands, Bells, and Bodyweight Workouts

Belter’s Bags, Bands, Bells, and Bodyweight workouts come from a lot of experience and education.  With this program I have put together a plethora of workouts and exercises that you can use to build strength, power and hardcore conditioning.  Here is some of what you get

  • Exercises and workouts using all the modalities listed in the title
  • A walk through of the exercises with a seasoned fitness professional and former college athlete
  • A commentary during the workouts and exercises
  • A focus on short workouts so you get more bang for the buck
  • Full body workouts and specific body part workouts
  • Challenges that you might not have thought of
  • Ideas on how to improve in different work capacities for physical tests
  • Advanced training for high level fitness and strength

This has been a combination of different programs put together for you.  Using different modalities to train is a key concept for changing things up.  This will help from becoming bored and many times could possibly help you get through a plateau.  Please note that you assume all risks when training.


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