Udemy – Arduino Vs Raspberry PI Vs PIC Microcontroller [100% off]

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Arduino Vs Raspberry PI Vs PIC Microcontroller

When it comes to choosing a single-board computer or Controller, PIC Microcontroller, Arduino and Raspberry Pi are the big names that you’ll be considering. But which one should you choose? What is the Arduino best used for? What are the drawbacks of using a Raspberry Pi? Why using PIC Microcontroller? And how do you decide between the three options? It can be a tough decision, so we’ll break it down here for you.

For the purposes of this Course, I’ll be discussing PIC Microcontroller PIC164550, Arduino Uno R3 and the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B. There are many versions of THESE boards, and there are plenty of alternatives to the PIC Microcontroller, The Pi and the Arduino that provide different specs and capabilities, but these Three are the mainstays of each line at the moment.

While both the Arduino and the Raspberry Pi are very versatile little machines, they both have specific things that they’re good at.


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