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Arabic Survival Course

Course Description

Are you going to travel to an Arabic speaking country and you are worried of going to a country without being able to communicate with the people ?

Are you worried of being lost in the streets and not being able even to ask about the address in Arabic?

Are you worried to not be able to visit all the places you want to visit since you don’t know Arabic ?

Are you an expat , an exchange student , or a tourist in an Arabic speaking country?

Do you want to work in the Arabic gulf countries ? or you have an Arabic speaking neighbor who you want to interact with? Do you want visit Dubai or any other Arabic city?

Or do you have passion for languages and haven’t started learning Arabic yet ? d o you want to learn Arabic , but you don’t have enough time ?

Do you always feel that Arabic is a difficult language that is full of unfamiliar letters and stuff ?

Do you only need to know the necessary Arabic phrases that would help you interact in your daily situations ? and you feel that you don’t need to learn all the Arabic language as you only need basic things ?

Then this course is designed for you !! You will learn how to communicate in Arabic in all necessary situations from the moment you arrive to the Arabic speaking country and get out of the airport , so you will learn how to take a taxi to the hotel , how to book a room or ask about a booked room, how to ask about or order a meal at a restaurant and much more all in Arabic. You will learn all of that in a 2 hour simple course that you could finish in a single week.

Also, the first 200 enrolled students will get a free private one hour Skype practice session with myself, so that they can practice all what they have learned with me !

Also, you will be always be able to contact me for any questions, feedback, or anything in mind.

I will also add English, Spanish, and French subtitles later , so if the student’s native language is not English , he/she will still be able to enroll in the course and learn all what is included inside !

Feel free to check the free lectures available for preview before buying the course in order to know what to expect , and I am looking forward to seeing you inside !


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