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Welcome to this course on “How to publish in High Impact Journals?” which I have created primarily based on the demand of my students who are enrolled in other courses. However, I believe this course will be extremely for anyone who is looking to master the art and science of scholarly writing.

Writing and Publishing is an art as well as science. But if you are a researcher, PhD Student, academician, editor or budding author then you know how rigorous and challenging the process of writing and publishing. Good Journals/publishers have a very high rejection rate. But if you take care of some fundamentals and avoidable pitfalls you will save lot of your precious time and get good results early. Many scholars and writers suffer because they do not receive good guidance. But thanks to Udemy it gives us a platform to exchange our knowledge and problems so as a learner can reach to his/her goals.

I have build this course so as to distill all major steps, do’s and don’ts that I learned in my research career of around 10 years into a single course that will help you in publishing with renowned publishers and in high impact journals.  Here is why joining this course will be a vital decision in your research career:

  • This course will help you avoid doing mistakes that most of researchers, especially early stage researchers, do and end us getting their manuscript rejected or publishing in poor quality journals.
  • It will help you in publication process from concept to completion.
  • It will teach you the right method that you need to follow for your study.
  • It discusses latest software tools and technologies used by researchers to enhance their productivity.
  • I constantly update my courses so you always benefit with new information and latest happenings without bothering to join any new course.
  • I reply to all students query generally within 24 hours or earlier, so if you are stuck at any stage of your research you will find me there.

Its your moment to impact the world through your writings!!

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