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Udemy Business – Kindle to Udemy – Start turning Kindle Books to Udemy Courses. Learn how to select your Kindle Books & maximize the profits from both Kindle & Udemy

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Course Updated: Nov 1, 2016


Most of us who have been successful in Kindle publishing know the power of Amazon Kindle. Have you noticed that our Kindle books are usually priced at either $0.99 or $2.99? To keep ourselves on the first page in the Top 100 Paid Best Sellers, most of the time we need to keep the book selling at $0.99.

Those of us who are instructors in Udemy also know the power of the Udemy Platform. At Udemy, we can price our course at $99, $199, $299 and earn a Big Revenue from our video courses.

Did you know that you can turn your $0.99 Kindle Books into Udemy Courses & Earn 50X Profit?

I have a case study to show you exactly how I turn a $0.99 Kindle Book and have BIG Results at Udemy! You need to know how to tap into the power of both of Amazon & Udemy platforms to receive rewarding results.

Just think: You have already done all the hard work in uploading your Kindle book in Amazon. The content is already there. By enrolling into my course, you will learn all the TIPS and SUCCESS to bring in 50X more profit to what you are receiving in Amazon Kindle.

Here’s the Secret: All you need to know is to how to select your Kindle books from your bookshelf & piggy back on these Kindle books to maximize the profit your Kindle book deserves. Udemy is a new platform for you. I have 25 Action steps all laid out for you so that you can jump right in and turn your Kindle book into a full comprehensive course at Udemy in 3 weeks time.

Many new instructors have a hard time getting a Udemy course up. They flounder their way around and making all kinds of mistakes before they can get their first course up. For you, you are going to be able to fly through all these mistakes and succeed right away in the first month of launching your course. You have an advantage. You can just follow my success steps which were paved with lots of mistakes and overcoming failures in my half a year at Udemy creating 15 courses already.

Follow through my 25 Action steps to start earning $1000+ a month in ONE Udemy Course.

You have a head start as you can piggy back from your Kindle books.

1. Live Case Study – Kindle Book – $0.99

2 . Live Case StudyUdemy Course – $199

3. Earnings of Kindle vs Udemy

4. Udemy Marketing 2 Big Successes:

  • Udemy Marketing Success 1: Different Channels for Revenue
  • Udemy Marketing Success 2: Different Promotion Programs

5. This works for both Kindle Fiction & Non-Fiction Writers

25 Action Steps: To Turn $0.99 Kindle Book to $199 Udemy Course

Part 1: Know How To Select your Kindle Books

Action Step 1: Pick Kindle Books that are Best Sellers

Action Step 2: Kindle Books need to have some 5 Star Reviews

Action Step 3: Check request from Amazon Customers

Part 2: Set Yourself Up Properly at Udemy w/o Delay

Action Step 4: 1st Must – Register with Udemy

Action Step 5: 2nd Must – Apply to be Premium Instructor at Udemy

Action Step 6: 3rd Must – Participate in ALL the Promotion Programs

Action Step 7: 4th Must – Make your course a “Paid” course

Part 3: Course Creation Preparation

Action Step 8: Udemy wants you to succeed more than you know

Action Step 9: Set up an Efficient Work Station – All Ready

Part 4: Week 1 – Phase 1 of Course Curriculum

Piggy back on Kindle Book Content

Action Step 10: Tip 1: Turn Chapters into Section Topics

Action Step 11: Tip 2: Turn Sub-topics to Lectures

Action Step 12: Tip 3: Turn text to Script & Record

Action Step 13: Big Secret Tip 4: Create a Fun Hands On Task

Action Step 14: Tip 5: Turn the Fun Hands on Task to Free Preview

Action Step 15: Tip 6: 20 Check List – Submit your course for approval

Part 5: Week 2 – Pre-Launch & Start Earning

Action Step 16: Create a Buzz with Pre-Launch Contest

Action Step 17: Start Earning your first $5

Action Step 18: Increase students enrollment with Free Coupons

Part 6: Week 2 to 3: Phase 2 of Curriculum

Create Content with Double Value

Action Step 19: Secret Tip 1: Students love Exercises

Action Step 20: Secret Tip 2: Students love Practical Applications

Action Step 21: Gather Reviews for Social Proof

Part 7: Week 3: Officially Launch your Course with Good Value

Action Step 22: Give the Price Value the Course deserves

Action Step 23: Earn Big with an Early Bird Launch with $10 Special

Part 8: Maximize Your Profits By Tapping Into Amazon Kindle Power

Action Step 24: Reverse Funnel Method – Earn Big from Kindle

Part 9: Unlock the Magic of Udemy – Getting Thousands of Followers in a Short Time

Action Step 25: Magic of Udemy is in the Number of Students Enrollment whom you can establish a rapport and they become your student for LIFE!


Use my strategy plan that works.

Do not skip steps.

Do not take short cuts.

Take actions smartly!

Create your course Wisely!


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