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5 Steps to Build & Manage Your Personal Brand Platform.

Course Description

Intelligent, smart, and big people are talking about branding!
Companies, Organizations, nonprofit, countries and even regions are branded.
So what is branding?
We all by now heard that branding is not a logo, it’s not a design but then
what is it?
According to Norwich Business School, Branding is confidence, passion,
belonging, action, Security, A set of unique values.

The founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezons said “Branding is what people says about
you when you are not in the room”.

For the proposes of this course, I will explain the personal branding which
is different than the company branding and product branding.

When you see the image of Steve Jobs, what do you think of? Smart,
successful, and innovative man, who changed the world.

when we remember him, we don’t say he invented Apple nor created iPhone.

personal branding is to define who you are, your goals, and set a strategy to position and communicate your brand in the mind of your audience.

My definition of branding has the following sections:

1- Define who you are!

It’s very important before you set any branding strategy to know who you are, understand your strength and wikness. Know why you are so special. Understanding yourself will increase your self confidence and will enable you to be capable of controlling your life.

2- Set your goals: if you don’t know what you want to achieve you will never achieve anything.

3- set a strategy to position and communicate your brand in the mind of your audience.

Once you know who you are, you should not leave it up to your audience to figure out who you are. You need to tell them who you are, and what do you stand up for. Communicating your story is an art. Keep in mind communication is symbolic, and the meaning of words are in the mind of the audience not in the words.

4- Execution

5- Retention

By the end of this course you will be able to go through the 3 steps of personal branding, defining who you are, setting goals, communicating your brand.

So if you are a story to be told, what would it be?


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