Udemy – #5 Play Piano Trick: EZ Polychord Hands play Advanced Chord [100% off]

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#5 Play Piano Trick: EZ Polychord Hands play Advanced Chord

#5 Piano Secret Trick: Rosa’s Polychord Hands to play Advanced chords EFFORTLESSLY –  +6, +7, +9, +11, +13

Polychords are constructed from two or more separate chords. Composers and improvisers use polychords as a resource for rich and complex sounds in their music. Polychords frequently occur in jazz and modern classical music.

Many pianists are puzzled by SLASH Chords.  Sometimes they express inversion chords, but many times, you can transfer that idea and read them as Polychords.

In this course, you are going to learn Polychord trick to apply to the song: “When A Child Is Born”.

  • You are going to discover how easy it is to play advanced chords using Right Hand Octave Shape
  • You learn to think in simple triad chords
  • Left Hand can follow Basic Chords
  • Right Hand plays another triad chord
  • When you put the two hands together to create beautiful sounds

Learn Polychord – Slash Chord Notation

• It’s written like a fraction

• The chord that is on top is played by RH

• The chord that is at the bottom is played by LH

RH / LH 

1.   Em/C   

LH:  C      RH:  Em

2.   Dm/G  

LH:  G      RH:  Dm

3.   G/C   

      LH:   C RH:  G

4.   Am/C   

LH:   C RH:   Am

5.   Am/F    

LH:   F RH:   Am

 6.   C/G   

LH:   G RH:   C

7.   F/G    

LH:   G7 RH:    F


8.   Bdim/G  

LH:    G RH:  Bdim

Apply all these polychords and play beautiful sounds to “When A Child Is Born”.

Once you understand the prinicples and explanation in this song, you can apply to any of your favorite song.


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