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#4 Play Piano Trick: Rosa's EZ Locked Hands play Rich Chords

Do you want to harmonize a song with chordal chords of diminished 7 and different color chords?

I often see students struggling and analyzing which chords to use to harmonize melody tones!  For beginners, if they can harmonize a song with Basic chords, they will be very happy. Then as you advance to intermediate and advanced playing, you would want to add in minor chords, secondary dominants, diminished and tritone chords.

I have good news for Advanced students, and even beginners can follow this course to learn my trick to create advanced 7th Chords when you harmonize melody tones.

Here’s the Secret of EFFORTLESS playing:  Use Rosa’s LH & RH 4T6 Locked Hand Style to play Block Chords with Rich Sounds to all your melody tones.  

This is TOO good to be true.  I wish had shown me this when I first learned piano.

Using this Rosa’s SECRET trick, a beginner sounds like a PROFESSIONAL player within minutes!

  • Using my 4T6 handshape, you can get color tones easily
  • Use this handshape to play effortlessly
  • Create rich sounds for each melody tone in the song
  • Combine this with the LH playing one octave lower
  • Playing in this style creates a different style that can ‘wow’ your audience

Imagine we can play all melody tones in blocked hand style to create these rich sounding chords:

RH Block Chord style: 

C      D       E      F         G      G#      A     B       C     

C6    Fº7    C6    Abº7    C6    Bº7     C6    Dº7   C6

**This method takes only 1 minute to learn and easy to practice!**

This is FAST TRACK learning and playing!


3 SONGS to Practice!

I will show you how to apply the LOCKED Hand Style to play 3 Songs.  Once you can apply to these 3 songs, you will be able to apply this Rosa’s Trick to your favorite songs.  Do this in the middle of the rendition and you will WOW your audience!

#1  Melody Tones of Away in A Manger – James Murray 

Imagine – you can harmonize EACH melody tone with RICH Chords EFFORTLESSLY!

Line 1:  G  G  F  E  E  D   C   C  B   A   G

Line 2:  G  G  A  G  G  D  B   A   G  C   E

Line 3:  G  G  F  E  E  D   C   C  B   A   G

Line 4:  G   F   E  D   E  D  C  D  A   B   C

#2 Melody Tones of Joy to the World

Imagine – you can harmonize EACH melody tone with RICH Chords EFFORTLESSLY!

Line 1:  C   B   A    G   F    E    D    C

Line 2:  G   A    A   B    B   C

Line 3:  C   C    B   A   G    G   F    E

Line 4:  C   C    B   A   G    G   F    E

Line 5:  E   E   E   E  F   G

Line 6:  F   E    D   D   D   D  E   F

Line 7:  E   D   C    C   A   G   F   E   F   E   D    C

Melody Tones of the Cradle Song

Imagine – you can harmonize EACH melody tone with RICH Chords EFFORTLESSLY!

Line 1:  G    C    C    D E     C    C      E F   G    G    A   F

Line 2:   D E    F    F    G    E     E       C E    D    A    C    B

Line 3:   G    C    C    D E      C    C       E F   G    G    A   F

Line 4:    D E    F     F     G    E     E       C E   D    A     B   C

In this course, using my  4T6 locked hand, you can easily play all above melody tones of songs with rich chords EFFORTLESSLY  – C6    Fº7    C6    Abº7    C6    Bº7     C6    Dº7   C6 !

Use this Special Technique to your favorite song!


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