Udemy – #3 Play PIano Trick: Rosa’s Octave Rhythmic Dramatic Drum [100% off]

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#3 Play PIano Trick: Rosa's Octave Rhythmic Dramatic Drum

#3 Piano Style Rhythm:  Create Dramatic Atmosphere to Songs Using Left Hand Octave Bass Sounds

Pianists often wonder how they can flow and create moods to their piano playing.  For Late beginners, if you find that you are always ‘stop and go’ in your piano playing, you must learn the Octave drum patterns to get your LH moving in the flow.  You need to train your Left Hand to keep moving in rhythm!

In this course, I will get your Left Hand moving in easy different patterns to create dramatic effect using also the Power 5 tone.

Here’s the Secret:  Use Rosa’s Octave Drum Rhythmic Effect

  • Learn how to use Left Hand Drum Octave playing to create a dramatic atmosphere!
  • Learn how to let your Left Hand Dance easily to create a Dancing Effect to the song.

Follow the Step by Step Practice to get your Left Hand moving dramatically in the FLOW!

Section A: Get Thumb Drumming the 8

1.  Play Left Hand Octave:  1 – 8

2.  Rock with Left Hand Octave: 1 – 8

3.  Let your Left Hand Dance: 1 – 8

4.  To Play Rhythmically: Always think in Groups of 4

5.  Do not memorize and train your Hands to play in Groups of 4 – You will never miss a beat

6.  Do Octave Drum Variation with this Octave Handshape

Section B:  Add in Power 5

7.  Put in Power +5 to turn this to a power chord: 1 8 5 8

Section C:  Add in the Sweet 3

8.  Add in the sweet +3 tone: 1 8 5 3

9.  Apply 1 – 8 to the entire song: Joy to the World

10.  Apply 1 8 5 8 to the entire song: Joy to the World

11.  Apply 1 8 5 3 to the entire song: Joy to the World

12.  Learn to Play by Ear to play in the flow so that you don’t play mechanically!

**Lots of Play Alongs for you to practice**

Once you can apply the Octave drum principle to this song, you will be able to apply this to your favorite song!


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