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The majority of the time you will spend awake in your lifetime will be dedicated to your career. Don’t go through it aimlessly without a clear trajectory nor proceed without confidence that you’re on a path that’s right for you. Live the life that suits your needs and gives you the sureness of life-long completeness and fulfillment. You don’t have to be saving the rainforests or helping others out of poverty to feel this way, but over the course of this series, let’s uncover what it is that truly makes you tick and gain clarity on what energizes you to achieve your own definition of greatness.

In this course, I will challenge you with deep questions and equip you with the mentalities that can guide you toward determining your purpose, and finding what truly inspires you to be the best expression of yourself. In additional courses that I’ve created, I walk you through how you can make those new ideals a reality by finding, earning, or creating new jobs that better fit you, your values, and your desires.

This course is jam-packed with an immense amount of value to help you on your journey to self-discovery.

  • Several HOURS of empowering video
  • Handouts
  • Real-world examples to inspire your own discovery and motivate you about what’s possible
  • Actionable advice that you can apply in your own life
  • This course will save you weeks of time. I’ve done the heavy lifting of research and distilling the information for you. You’re getting the best advice from generations of thought leaders packaged neatly for you to efficiently absorb
  • Case studies and proven tactics that have helped many of the dozens of clients I’ve worked with
  • Mentality shift of how you view your career and life
  • Huge return on investment for the results you’ll achieve vs. the cost of the course. At what rate do you value your time? If my insights can save you 30 hours of reading books, doing research, and guiding your own soul-searching, even the lowest rates make this class an affordable no-brainer. Even beyond how you value your time, can you even put a price on happiness and fulfillment that can stem from the results this content can enable you to achieve?

This is far more than the worn-out, bad advice that given out far too often by college career counselors. This goes far beyond the “career coaches” that are out there just trying to make a buck. I’m doing this because I believe our society has the wrong impression about what a career should entail, and in order for folks like you and me to break from the rat race, we must step into the world of self-discovery. Only then can we see the world through new lenses and remove the confined boxes that corporate America tells us we must be confined to.

After completing this process, many of the individuals that I have worked with go back to the corporate structure and exceed far beyond their peers that are stuck in the restrictive slow lane. By living a life that aligns with your purpose and values, work becomes more enjoyable and suddenly the activity that consumes the vast majority of awake time in your life brings you energy and fulfillment. I’m lucky that I found the other side early in my career, and you owe it to yourself to take the time to discover your true motivation as well.

Since starting out as a performance coach, I have already saturated the amount of time that I can meet with clients 1-on-1 to give them the attention that they deserve. Accordingly, I continually raise my prices and further refine who I work with to manage demand, but got into this business to support as many people as I could. Now that I can support myself with WehnerEd, it’s time for me to move closer to my long-term goals by sharing what I’ve refined over the years with even more people through this series of online courses. Instead of paying over $1000 to get much of the same material from me on an individual basis, this course brings enormous value to you at a much more accessible price-point … on your schedule.

These aren’t just random ideas and marketing talk. Course materials are based on insights from well-balanced millionaires, my own personal journey, and from the clients that I’ve coached since starting my own business. Take advantage of the experience of others as I share what works…and what doesn’t. This course has the questions others have wondered to guide their own growth and the proven strategies you need to course-correct.

This course has the potential to change your life forever. The author, Ross Wehner, is known for his bold ideas and the unparalleled success of his clients.  Ross strongly believes that a job should be more than … just a job. Life is too short to live with consistent stressors, or settling less than one’s capable of. Let’s work together to find a role at a company that matches you and your needs, regardless of where your values and purpose reside.

Seriously, don’t waste another day putting off a change if you deeply seek it. Now is the time to dig into discovering clarity of your purpose and values in your own life. Then, apply that clarity to find several potential career moves that will light your fire.

This is the only course I’ve seen that that describes how our education system and business world misled you by teaching you to be obedient and play within the rules of CEOs. Until you’re free of this facade, you will continue to struggle to balance your core being with the world around you.

A successful client of mine trained to be a website usability expert through several online courses and two personal projects on his nights and weekends. He is very passionate about sports and ended up gaining a role at his dream company working for a major sports media agency. The transferable set of skills he practiced in his free time (instead of watching Netflix) enabled him to escape his dead-end job and opened up a new world of wealth and opportunity.

This is just a single example of the power of this course. Take action and create the future you desire that fulfills your values and purpose.

If you feel trapped in your role, I encourage you to open your mind to the wide variety of opportunities that are possible for you. Contrary to the limitations you might feel due to the positions you’ve held in the past, many challenges you’ve faced and skills you’ve built along the way are transferable to new jobs that better align with your purpose and values.

By building or shifting your personal brand and spinning your experiences from past roles in new ways, you can make yourself an appealing candidate for jobs that feel beyond your reach. Helping you achieve this is the subject of another class we offer on branding. Once you complete this course and have clarity on the impact you desire to make, I encourage you to check out those lessons to create a compelling narrative to enable the career course correction that’s right for you.

  • Gain clarity for your career journey in today’s overwhelming world of opportunity through several simple and proven methods that have already helped many others.
  • The knowledge in this course costs $1000+ for my private coaching clients
  • Determine your life’s purpose to align your growth and goals to create a career you’ll love.
  • This course is designed to unlock the potential within YOU. You absolutely have what it takes to improve your life but need some support to flip the switch to start building huge momentum.
  • Following your passions is a fools errand. Learn what you should do instead to find the right jobs and career for you.
  • You will gain the tools necessary to develop clarity on the impact that you want to make on the world. Your clarity will inspire and empower you to create the outcomes you desire most.
  • By applying the lessons that follow- in your own life, you will begin to leverage your power within to create meaningful impacts and a lasting legacy that you can look back on and be proud of. You’ll be able to answer the question: “when I retire and am looking back on my career, what will I want to look back on to be proud of the life I lived? What will I have needed to accomplish for me to feel like my life counted for something?”
  • Obtain several downloads, worksheets, and exercises to create the clarity and opportunities that you seek.
  • Through this course, you will better understand who you are, and your decisions moving forward will become much easier.
  • This course provides an immense amount of value to help you on your journey to self-discovery.
  • Discover hidden jobs that actually fit what you’re seeking. So many job titles exist that you’ve never heard of. Learn how to find these jobs and widen your scope of opportunity.
  • Become the greatest version of yourself.
  • Learn from real-world examples of influential individuals whose combination of unrestricted perspectives and personal clarity allowed them to achieve greatness in fields that they’re truly passionate about.
  • Understand how the limitations imposed by societal norms put artificial restrictions on what we think we’re truly capable of. Then, break free from their grasp!
  • Explore the process of self-discovery and have a clearer idea of your strengths and weaknesses.


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