Udemy – #2 Piano Trick: Rosa’s EZ Octave Hands Play Advanced Chords [100% off]

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#2 Piano Trick: Rosa's EZ Octave Hands Play Advanced Chords

Many students want to play full sounds on the right hand.  

In this course, I show you how to create full rich sounds to one melody tone that you see in Fake Book or Lead sheets.

Here’s Rosa’s Secret:  Use Right Hand Octave Handshape with Different Toens

1.  2TO – 2 Tone Octave

2.  3TO – 3 Tone Octave

3.  4TO – 4 Tone Octave

4.  5TO – 5 Tone Octave

When you use Rosa’s Octave Handshape, you can play the following chords:

1.  Double Melody Tones

2.  Play the 3rds

3.  Play the 5ths

4.  Play the 6ths

You also play the following chords:

1.  Triads

2.  7th Chords – 4 Tones

  • Major 7th
  • Minor 7th
  • Dominant 7th

3.  9th Chords – 5 Tones

  • Major 9th
  • Minor 9th
  • Dominant 9th

Come in and learn how to play these chords and color tones using my Octave Fixed Handshape.

We are going to apply this EZ Octave handshape to the following songs so that you get lots of practice:

  • When A Child Is Born
  • The Old Rugged Cross
  • Love Me Tender aka Aura Lee
  • Morning Has Broken

Once you follow this course, you will be apply the same principle to your favorite songs.


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