Udemy – #17 Hand Coordination – 16th Note Rhythm – Bb Key Song Fill [100% off]

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#17 Hand Coordination - 16th Note Rhythm - Bb Key Song Fill

Master this 16th Note Piano Technique in Bb KEY

Learn Ballad Flowing 9 with Transfer Chord to get your LH and RH coordinate easily.

Students should not stick to C Key and move on other keys.  Bb is a good key to play in as the fingers fall in easily in the black notes.

In this course, students will master easy hand coordination!  It is hard enough to apply to 8th notes, and in this course, you will discover that it is just as easy to do so to 16th note playing.

Here’s the 1st Secret:  Use Transfer Chord 

Here’s the 2nd Secret in the Rhythm:  Play in Double Time

We are going to apply this technique to the entire song How Great Thou Art in Key of Bb.

  • Learn Transfer Chord Technique in Bb Key
  • Apply the Ballad Flowing 9 to play advanced chords in Key of Bb
  • Play in Double Time
  • Count easily in groups of 4
  • Splash in beautiful fills into the long notes

This course will give you:

1.  Many great piano tips of how you can turn boring arpeggios into professional sounding ballads.

2. This Flowing Ballad 9 is one that you want to MASTER! You can then apply them easily whenever you want to and it always sounds great.

3. My Secret Piano Tip of using 2 Hands to get out of the boring rut of LH repeated patterns.  Many concert pianists use this kind of techniques and that’s how they ‘flow’ in their piano playing.

4.  Learn how to play the Ballad Flowing 9 in 16th notes.

5. My Secret Piano Tip of how to start implementing 16th note ballad playing into your songs!  This one is GOLD.  I know, because it took me years to come to this SECRET TIP of playing 16th Notes Easily.  Once you get this tip, you will sound professional. Your songs will all sound fresh & contemporary! You will add newness to all the good ol’ fashioned Gospel Hymns!

6. Use the Color chord piano tip to put color tones into your ballad arpeggios playing.

7.  Many video clips showing you exactly how to play the Flowing Ballad in 16th notes to WOW your audience!  Slow motion and play along!  For sure, you will be able to follow exactly how to put them into your songs.  You will learn how to count to fit arpeggios into the melody of the song.

8.  Watch, copy and play, play, play. That’s what this course is about!

9.  With that foundation, you can go and experiment the idea and create your own Ballad 9 with variations!


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