Udemy – 12 Technical & Business Writing Power Techniques for Success [100% off]

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Even in an age of video and multi-media, flawless writing is still essential and key to success in technical and business communications.

Learn the top 12 power techniques of superior written communication taught by a Fortune 100 technical writer that applies to plain-written business correspondence as well.

The course covers the following topics:

  1. Eliminate Common Grammar Errors
  2. Eliminate Ornaments
  3. How to Write in Action Units
  4. Eliminate Variance
  5. Eliminate “Should”
  6. Eliminate Noun Trains
  7. Eliminate Abstract Verbs and Nouns
  8. Eliminate “IN” Phrases
  9. How to Reformat Text as a Table
  10. How to Create Flowcharts
  11. Eliminate Negative Writing
  12. How to Write a Procedural Task

No special software, hardware or Operation System is required to follow these 12 individual lessons designed to improve your written communications right away.



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