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10 Essential Mom Skills to Make Parenting Fun and Fulfilling

Course Description

Forget about baking cookies, packing animal themed lunch boxes, flawlessly entertaining 20 kids at a birthday party and keeping a sparkling clean house.  

These are the real mom skills you will use day in and day out.

We have very outdated and restrictive definition of what motherhood should look like. This course will help you see what skills, characteristics and mindsets moms who are really thriving have. Almost every skill is based around you and your mental health, not the kids.

I’ve spent years working with families in their homes and these are the foundations of what makes a great mom. It’s not just how much love them or how many incredible experiences you can provide. 

You won’t learn about these in birthing class or even from your pediatrician. You can only find these in Pre-Parenting Counseling, Approaching Motherhood’s 6 week online course to help you emotionally prepare for motherhood. In fact this is a mini course with content directly from our main course, Pre-Parenting Counseling – Preparing for Life as a Happy Mom.


Now is the time when you have to the head space, time and clarity to work on these. It’s much more difficult when you are in the trenches of parenting. Of course you will always being working on yourself and finding ways you can hone these skills in deeper ways.

This course is perfect if you are about to become a mom (pregnant, trying to conceive, adopting, etc) Or if you are already a mom and are struggling a bit to feel like you have it together.

These skills go deep below the level of time management and chore charts and help you feel grounded in your sense of self-worth and stay true to your identity. You’ll find that things like time management will flow more naturally once you have mastered your underlying issues.

The course takes about an hour to complete and comes with exercises and journal prompts to help you apply the skills you have learned.

+++Bonus Material+++You’ll also get a bonus of a free Mom Prep Journal and a discount on Approaching Motherhood’s other courses – Motherhood Meditations, and Pre-Parenting Counseling: Preparing for Life as a Happy Mom.

Hope to connect with you soon!


Pre-Parenting Coach

Approaching Motherhood.


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