Udemy – Conquer These 7 Areas And Succeed With Online Marketing [100% off] Worth $157!

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Course Description

Be empowered and rise above the seven most frequent time, effort and money wasting mistakes made by online marketers. They trap you and keep you from reaching your goal.

Benefit from the insights gleaned through observation and interaction with hundreds of solo-entrepreneurs and small business owners attending my Internet focused Meetup group over a five year period.

You may recognize some of these traps yourself:

  • Chasing “Shiny Objects”
  • Relying on a fuzzy strategy
  • Thinking that everyone can be my customer
  • Not being informed and being taken advantage of
  • Falling for the sales pitch
  • Procrastinating and not getting started

Included are simple time and business planning tips and processes that will get you to your destination quicker and save you lots of frustration in whatever you may be pursuing.

Content Overview

The course is presented in seven sections, each dealing with one of the major stumbling blocks most new as well as not so new to Online/Internet Marketing fall into. They are more like traps that tend to snag most of us at one time or another.

Through examples and illustrations I help you recognize the traps, offer tips on minimizing their impact and introduce you to efficiency tools and systems that will serve you well with any Internet or non-internet related projects. Intertwined within “My Best Advice and Insights….” you’ll also find:

  • Two very simple but effective task and time management tools
  • The why, what and how of the all important flow of a sale, we call the “sales funnel”
  • A simple but highly effective “lean canvas” based business evaluation and planning tool that you’ll appreciate
  • A glimpse into what’s behind the ever accelerating rate of change

The material is presented through the use of a Mind-map product, xMind to be specific. I’d love to get your feedback on its use for a presentation such as this, versus using PowerPoint, for example.

Course Length and Structure

The course should not take any longer than 3 – 4 hours. The seven sections are broken down into 30+ lectures of 2 – 5 minutes each. The corresponding Mind-maps are included as attachment in the Summary of each section.

What You’ll Gain

As you go through the course I’m sure that you’ll be able to relate with several of the most common, effort and money wasting traps. Don’t be like one of our attendees, that spent around twenty thousand dollars setting up her online marketing business and six months after launch having to start from scratch. Had she been aware of just one of the traps she was walking into when she handed the work over, that would not have had to happen.

The Bottom Line

If you’ll pay attention to these and put the recommended best practices into use, at the end of the course you’ll be miles ahead of most that are building an online business or marketing campaign.


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