Udemy – Conquer number systems and their conversions [100% off]

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Course Description

This course deals with decimal number system, binary number system, octal number system and hexadecimal number system. The conversions of numbers from decimal number system to any other number system and vice versa, binary to octal and hexadecimal number system and vice versa are discussed using examples.

The material included is video lectures in pen and paper teaching style. From the lectures you will be able to get a one to one learning experience.

The lectures can be finished in one week if you are taking one/two hour per day. The quiz will enable students work out lot of problems themselves and become an expert in number conversion by the end of the course.

The course is structured with basic concepts of number systems in the introductory section. Then conversion from decimal to other number systems and vice versa are discussed in the second section. The conversion from binary to other number systems directly in the third section. Apart from exercises in each section there is assessment in the fourth section which is covering the whole course.

This course will make you masters of number systems


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