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Course Description

How would it feel to be able to talk to anyone, anytime, anywhere and never worry about feeling nervous or hesitating?

It doesn’t matter if you’re walking into a social scene or if you’re stepping into the boardroom to make a pitch to a room of CEOs and investors…

We’ve all had those moments where you walk into a situation and walk away shaking your head, knowing that you just underperformed, know that you’re better than you just showed…

If you aren’t at the top of your game during the important moments in your life, you’re sunk.

Has that ever happened to you? You freeze up or feel tongue tied, get caught in your own head, and the best of your personality doesn’t shine through?

Maybe it’s a first meeting with some senior managers at your company. Maybe it’s with an attractive person you meet at a social gathering…

You freeze up and don’t know what to do. You get stuck in your own head, or worse, say something stupid which just makes them go, “Who the heck is this person?”

If so, you’re not alone.

I used to do that on a daily basis.

I’d be fine with close friends and people I knew well. But give me an opportunity to meet someone that I wanted to connect with and my nerves would get the best of me. I’d shut down, blow it, and never get another chance with them.

That’s why in this course Confidence Mastery, I’m going to show you how to quickly and easily improve your confidence in social situations.

Not just during your normal day to day, but in the important situations when you need it most.

Whether you’re on a date, a job interview, or giving a big presentation, you’ll learn specific exercises to instantly “turn it on” and feel good whenever you need to.

Meaning the next time you’re out at a bar, a wedding, or an event, you’ll be able to confidently approach new people and truly let your personality shine, without overthinking it or getting in your own head..

No more being forgettable. No more feeling like a wallflower. And definitely no more awkwardness.

Because here’s the dirty secret most people don’t realize: confidence is a skill.

No different than sports or music, with the right form of practice it can be mastered. Sure some lucky people are naturally confident, but I certainly wasn’t one of them. And luckily, I’ve discovered confidence is something that can be learned.

I went from being scared to talk to strangers in bars to running after models in broad daylight to ask them out. I went from mumbling my school presentations with my eyes down at my feet to having the Dean of my university ask me to give speeches in front of international billionaires.

I’ve spent years studying, testing, and refining the best strategies for improving your confidence — and I’m going to give you the step-by-step process to take advantage of everything I’ve learned.

This course will show you the EXACT exercises to use so that you can build the same level of confidence.

PLUS, I’ve included several instant confidence boosting brain hacks, designed to boost testosterone and literally force your brain to release the chemicals that make you feel confident. Zero drugs, 100% safe, and a guaranteed short-term boost to your confidence whenever you need it.

I sure wish I had had this when I got started…


This is an email we received earlier this week from a student who had gone through the confidence course.

“I was forwarded an e-mail chain today from my boss that was circulated among 100+ people including international senior partners and practice leaders recognizing my skills, abilities, and leadership style. I can say with 100% confidence that so many of the skills I use everyday are directly attributable to your life work through CharismaOnCommand. One of the partners called me today and said the running discussion is “Josh is on track to be youngest partner at the firm, ever”.

If you want those kinds of results, here’s a sampling of what’s covered in this course:

  • The self sabotaging mistakes that kill confidence, and how to eliminate them
  • Exercises to build long-term confidence
  • Brain hacks to boost short-term confidence when you need it most
  • The mindsets and principles to help you understand exactly what’s going on in your brain when you don’t feel confident, and how to stop the negative cycle of doubt that kills so many of our greatest opportunities
  • An action guide to make sure you have a concrete plan for putting everything into practice day by day


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