Udemy – Computer Assembling & Troubleshooting [100% off] Worth $99!

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In today’s world technology is growing fast and also widely used by technologists, home users, corporate companies, multi-national corporations, Education sectors etc. Every one another industry is IT-Enabled, without IT no industry can grow or sustain for e.g. in banks or in financial organizations computers are essential, even for a day if computers won’t run the this organizations will have to face a loss. As PC hardware is a dynamic field, constantly evolving as computer hardware/network technology becomes more and more sophisticated. In coming future and also today’s date there is good demand for PC technicians and demand will rise day by day. So every aspirant should be well equipped and prepared for this industry. This course will help you to achieve those skills in enhancing the knowledge to become a great PC engineer. 
This course comprises of Computer Hardware Basics, Assembling, Troubleshooting, fiber optics, concepts of networking. This course covers the basic hardware of a personal computer, including installation, operations and interactions with software. Topics include component identification, memory-system, peripheral installation and configuration, preventive maintenance, hardware repair/Troubleshooting, installation/format Operating system and system configuration, and device-drivers. The most important thing is to recognize the technical issues and ability to resolve it which one can attain that knowledge after this course. Along with this they will able to know what is Network engineering, i.e. how to connect PC into network, assigning of IP Address etc.

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