Udemy – Complete Website & CMS in PHP/MySQLi [100% off]

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Noting more is important than practical work & projects in Web development, and that’s what I’ve done in this course to create a dynamic category based website with custom commenting system and Admin Panel.
++++++++++++++++++++++++Some Points+++++++++++++++++++++++
I believe that You learn when You code yourself, and that’s what my aim is to write each and every code myself and explain to you, after you complete the course and practice it, you’ll get many logic(s) to use in different web development projects.

  • You always FAIL when you don’t know how to code
  • You always FAIL when you can’t understand the code clearly
  • You always FAIL when you can’t create a complete project in PHP
  • You Always FAIL when you don’t know the logic(s) to use

The Following are some of the key learning points in this course:

  1. Creating the website Layout (CSS & HTML)
  2. Creating the Dynamic Website in PHP
  3. Creating the databases & tables (MySQL)
  4. Inserting the Data to the tables
  5. Displaying the data on the website
  6. A custom search engine for this project
  7. A secure Admin Panel for this project
  8. A commenting system for this project
  9. A visitors counter for this project
  10. Editing Posts, Editing Comments, Editing Categories using PHP
  11. Deleting Posts, Deleting Comments, Deleting Categories using PHP
  12. Inserting Posts, Inserting Categories using PHP
  13. Approving & Unapproving the comments from Admin Panel
  14. Login & Logout Systems for the Admin Panel
  15. Uploading the Website to Online Web Server
  16. Much More……..

Why to take this course?
This question is related to practical work in PHP & MySQL, and if you really want to learn to create something absolutely from scratch and all the codes are written by you then you are most welcomed to this course.

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