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Course Description

What is more difficult- Creating a mobile app or making users download a mobile app?.


If you answered it is making users download the mobile app you know what the issue is – nearly eighty percent of mobile apps are never downloaded in app store and only ten percent of downloaded apps are ever used.

Why is marketing mobile app so difficult?

Answer: Lack of knowledge of effective app marketing & retention strategies !

This course will help you to learn ow to market your app step-by-step and get your app marketing right the first time

Learn from someone who has done this and start marketing your mobile app now now to get a jump on your competitors and get more users

The Complete App Marketing Course for 1 Million App Installs discusses about mobile app marketing and promotions that can help you to drive your own app downloads. We cover tips, must-dos, good practices, mistakes and gives practical examples on growing your app installs organically as well as how to use Facebook, twitter and google for mobile app marketing.

This course is for mobile apps developers and digital marketers who want to learn more about promoting their apps organically or through website , facebook, twitter and google in a cost effective way. Marketing and promoting your app never stops, and could actually take almost as many full-time jobs as you’d want. The tips and good practices shared on this course are a set of practical items which you can use to increase your app downloads

What all will you get after taking this course?

  • Life long access to Over 60+ lectures and 4+ hours of content which will be updated regularly in future!
  • 10+ e-books on mobile app marketing created by App Marketing Academy
  • How to plan for your mobile app launch ?
  • How to get more reviews for your mobile app ?
  • How to do PR for your mobile app launch ?
  • Mistakes that you should avoid in mobile app marketing (from our personal experience)
  • Marketing Metrics you should track for mobile apps
  • Tools that can be used form mobile app marketing
  • How to do app marketing optimisation after the launch?
  • How to use reviews to get more app usecases?
So, Join This Course Today and Start Marketing Your Mobile App Successfully Right Now.
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