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Course Description

Commercial awareness means an understanding of organizations and the business world. It’s prized by recruiters in every industry sector – it’s the NUMBER 1 SKILL employers look for when hiring.

But it’s not something you get taught at school or university. This means people like YOU could be missing out on multiple opportunities to advance your career.

Boost your commercial awareness – you’ll reap IMMEDIATE benefits.

Commercial awareness gets you hired, and it gets you promoted.

It’s THE key differentiator between those who are successful in their life and career, and those who never fulfil their potential.

In our unique course, businessman and entrepreneur Ed Thompson gives you a complete overview of commercial awareness. You’ll learn skills, models and techniques that will help you both GET a great job, and SOAR when you have one.

By the end of the course, you will:

  • have an essential understanding of all aspects of commercial awareness
  • be significantly more employable
  • understand how to USE commercial awareness to advance your career, bringing immediate benefits both at interviews and on the job

Our Commercial Awareness course is the ultimate passport to success in your career.

We’ll cover, together, the critical business insight that really matters.

First we’ll explore what commercial awareness is, and why it’s so vital for career success. It’s something that’s still a LOT more familiar to employers than to (young) job applicants.

Next, we’ll dive deep inside an organization, giving you an essential understanding of how businesses are structured, funded, and operate on a day to day basis.

Then we’ll review organizations in context, further refining your business understanding and helping you make better and more fruitful career decisions — starting from NOW.

Finally you’ll find out how to apply everything you’ve learned – to get hired, and/or to excel at the job you’re already in.

Start learning now and begin the ultimate path to career success!

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